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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 381: Exploring the Modern City: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, and Beyond

A course guide.

1. London

  • The Metropolitan Poor: Semifactual Accounts, 1795-1910: A printed, six volume collection of primary sources. (305.56909421)
  • Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674-1834: The largest body of texts ever published detailing the lives of ordinary people, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court. (345.42)
  • 19th Century English Poor Law Union and Workhouse Records: Correspondence between Poor Law unions and the central administration in London. Correspondence includes letters, memos, reports, and other accounts of activities within the region covered by the union. Includes source material for the study of education, local politics, labor movements, and public health. Covers 1834- 1871. (362.5830941)
  • John Johnson Collection: An Archive of Printed Ephemera: Selections from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera. Documents Britain in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection can be browsed by place; be sure to browse both general place names (e.g. London) and specific (e.g. Newgate Prison). (941.08)

2. Paris

  • Bibliothèque Bleue: Popular printed works from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries, including recipe books, almanacs, how-to books, hagiographies, prayer books, popular fiction, romans de chevalerie, songbooks, burlesques, and more. (944.04)
  • Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848: Over one hundred pamphlets and periodicals published between 1848 and 1851. (944.07)
  • Paris: Capital of the Nineteenth Century: Mostly images documenting 19th century Paris. Collection organized around nine broad thematic categories: Architecture, Art, City Planning, Colonialism, Government and Politics, Literature, Medicine, Public Works, and Social Life. (944.36106)
  • The Siege and Commune of Paris, 1870-1871: Over one thousand photographs and images made during the Siege and Commune. From the Deering LIbrary at Northwestern University. (944.36106)

3. Berlin

  • Metropolis Berlin: 1880-1940: Over 200 contemporary texts, translated into English (many appearing here for the first time), that have been collected in an attempt to recreate the built environment of pre-World War II Berlin.

4. Shanghai

5. New York

6. Other Cities

  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries, Colonial to 1950: Letters and diaries from 1,325 women. Can browse collection by place written, place sent, and place written about. Based on seven published bibliographies. (305.409032097)
  • Women Working, 1800-1930: Over 3,000 books, pamphlets, magazines, trade catalogs, diaries, memoirs, and institutional archives, as well as 1,400 photographs, all from Harvard University's library and museum collections, documenting women's work in the United States. (305.4090340973)
  • African American Communities: Newspapers, periodicals, oral histories, organizational records, personal papers, pamphlets, and ephemera that document the history of African American communities in Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, New York, North Carolina. Highlights of the collection include the Chicago Urban League records (1917-1985), the Town of Pullman records (1876-1919), the Lea Demarest Taylor papers on housing and race relations, 1893-1966, the Urban League of St. Louis records, and an extensive oral history collection. Collection is organized around five broad themes: Desegregation, Urban renewal and housing problems, Civil rights activities and protests, Race relations and community integration, and African American culture. (305.896073)
  • Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930: Over 2,000 books, pamphlets, serials, diaries, biographies, manuscripts, and archival materials, as well as over 7,800 photographs from Harvard University's library and museum collections. (325.73)
  • Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey: The Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey was published in 1942 by the Chicago Public Library Omnibus Project of the Work Projects Administration of Illinois. Its purpose was to translate into English and classify selected news articles appearing in the Chicago area foreign language press from 1861 to 1938. The project consists of a file of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities in Chicago.(325.77311)
  • Homicide in Chicago, 1870-1930: A database version of the Chicago Police Department's Homicide Record Index, which chronicles 11,000  homicides in the city between 1870 and 1930. (364.15209773)
  • Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics: Books, serials, pamphlets, incunabula, and manuscripts from Harvard University's library and museum collections, documenting nine major themes in the history of medicine: Cholera Epidemics in the 19th Century; the Great Plague of London, 1665; the Boston Smallpox Epidemic, 1721; "Pestilence" and the Printed Books of the Late 15th Century; Spanish Influenza in North America, 1918–1919; Syphilis, 1494–1923; Tropical Diseases and the Construction of the Panama Canal, 1904–1914; Tuberculosis in Europe and North America, 1800–1922; the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia, 1793.  (610.9)
  • Urban Planning, 1794-1918: An International Anthology of Articles, Conference Papers, and Reports: 185 primary source documents. Browse by author, subject, or date, or perform keyword searches on the entire corpus. (711.4092)