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How to Use Yomidasu Rekishikan: 平成

User guide for Yomidasu Rekishikan


The Heisei (平成) database provides over 4.8 million news articles of the Yomiuri Shimbun from 1986 to the present. Basic search can be performed by using a search term (検索語) or by a combination of multiple search terms with Boolean search operators. The default is set to full text search (全文検索), but you can switch to keyword search (キーワード検索) as well. You can also limit your search by a date range (検索期間), by regional editions (地域版), and by news categories (分類). Please see "How to Search" and "Search Results" boxes below.

How to Search

Refer to the instructions below to search articles from Heisei period. Switch to the English search screen by clicking the "Search in English" button on the upper left corner.

Search Results