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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ACDC - The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center

A guide to using the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

About Our Collections

The Agricultural Communications Documentation Center is a growing collection that provides agricultural resources to teachers, researchers, students, journalists, communicators, and others worldwide. All documents within the collection deal with communications in relation to agriculture emphasizing the human and social dimensions of agriculture. It encompasses "agriculture" in broad sense of food and nutrition, farming, feed, renewable energy, rural community development, natural resource management, and other related areas.

Some specific collections include:

  • The Byrnes Collection - contains nearly 800 documents about planning, producing, and managing communication and training programs in agricultural research, extension, education, and development
  • Eldon Fredericks Collection - contains 33 documents regarding the National Project in Agricultural Communication (NPAC), an initiative by Michigan State University that began in 1951
  • The Read Collection - Documents in the Read Collection review attitudes towards pesticide labeling in the early 1970s, the psychology of communicating to groups, and the potential for communications services, among other topics
  • The Harold Swanson Collection - one of the first large collections donated to the ACDC, the collection contains documents relating to emphasizing strategies for communicating with different demographic groups, the role of communication in establishing agriculture in developing countries, and ways to effectively use different communication mediums, including (but not limited to) radio, television, newsletters, lecture, and magazines

The full list of our contributed materials.

Volume One Number One Collection

The Volume One, Number One collection currently contains over 800 volume one, number one and special edition issues of agricultural journals, magazines, and other serials. Currently the collection is made up of donated materials from John Harvey, a widely-respected U.S. agricultural journalist and Jim Evans, professor emeritus of the University of Illinois and ACDC Associate. The collection also contains Special Editions, Rare Serials, and Historical items related to agricultural publishing, bringing the collection to nearly 1800 items. Each Thursday, the ACDC Twitter page features one of these items for "Throwback Thursdays." Due to the sensitive and fragile nature of many of these materials, appointments must be made to see these items in-person. To help you find documents we have created a finding aid.

The ACDC Collection on Bibleaves

BibLeaves is a web-based bibliography database that was developed in-house by Uiniversity of Illinois Library IT in 2012. It was created in order to house the citations for collections that, for one reason or another, were not suitable for inclusion in the traditional University of Illinois library catalog.

It is important to understand that BibLeaves is a citation database, a massive searchable bibliography. Its goal is to help researchers find materials, not necessarily to help them access them. The Center is the organizational body that helps researchers actually access these materials through document delivery. Still, there are URL and DOI fields that help provide points of access to materials in the collection where possible. These are not always up-to-date, and much of the collection is not available on the web and many documents predate digital technologies. Also note, copyrights and other restrictions do not permit the ACDC to provide full-text access to many materials we identify and collect. 

The  ACDC does deep subject indexing at the chapter-level, sometimes in addition to records that catalog the containing book. A book is cataloged as a whole, and then each individual chapter has its own entry, meaning components of this book make up 8 individual records in BibLeaves.