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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Musical Theatre

Musical Selections

When making musical selections for your audition use the parameters given in the audition outline. Usually this calls for either a golden age (pre-1960) or contemporary (post-1960) piece that is either Up-Tempo (fast tempo) or Ballad (slow tempo). They may also ask for additional features like comedic, dramatic, etc.

Normally for an audition they will either ask for the full song, a 32 Bar Cut, a 16 Bar Cut, or an 8 Bar Cut. When making cuts be sure to showcase sections that best show off your voice. Please reference the following articles about making cuts and preparing the sheet music for auditions.


Some auditions require a monologue. Usually specifications for the type of monologue will be listed with the audition information in regards to time limit and type (comedic, dramatic, contemporary, etc).

When searching in the library catalog use the following subject headings to help refine your search. 

Monologues Dialogues Monologues, American
Monologues (Drama) Acting --  Auditions Monologues, English

If you would like browse our collection of monologue books you can find them at PN4305.M6.

Another way to search for monologues is via the Play Index Database, which allows you to narrow down your search based on play title, author, and genre. Once you have found the play that the monologue belongs to feel free to search the library catalog for the play, or go to our play section, located across from the main computer area, which are all organized by the author's last name. 

Books on Audition Preparation