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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 498F: Nation and the Geographic Imagination

A course guide.

Digital Collections

You'll find a wealth of source material on the Internet, usually in digital collections from libraries, archives, museums, and government organizations. The trick is how to find them. Below are some collections we think you'll find especially useful for this class.


School Textbooks

The Education and Social Sciences Library has a collection of school textbooks, including history textbooks. Consult their Curriculum Collection Guide for information on using this collection, and links to other textbook collections in the United States. The following is additional secondary material on locating and using history textbooks as primary sources.

Historical Travel Writing Sites

Diplomatic Reports

In addition to the collections listed below, the Library has a large collection of diplomatic post reports issued by the United States Department of State. To find post reports for a specific country, search the Online Catalog for keywords "post report" and the country your are researching. For example,

  • Argentina AND "post report"
  • Zimbabwe AND "post report"
  • Yugoslavia AND "post report"