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Microdata Use: Australian Census Microdata

Major sources of microdata by country and subject and tips research use

Australian Census Microdata

Microdata files were first released for the 1981 Census, containing individual, family, and household information with a hierarchical structure for a 1 percent sample sample of households. Starting from the 1991 Census, Household Sample File (HSF) is produced and available for public use, becoming a core of Australian Census microdata. Australian Census microdata are usually accessible on the following sites.

Source Description
Australian Bureau of Statistics The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's official statistical organization. Click the link to see its catalog (including abstract, media type, etc.) for Census Products: Census Household Sample File for 1996 to present that is a microdata file.
Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA) - Australian National University Set up in 1981 with a brief to collect and preserve computer-readable data relating to social, political and economic affairs and to make the data available for further analysis. SSDA charges include a standard service fee of $60 for each request plus other possible fees based on the type of request.  Historic Census Data includes Sample Files from 1976 forward.