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Gaming Career Resources: Senior Effects Artist

Resources for those interested in a career in Game Development.

Contributor to Senior Effects Artist Job Description

Dave Samuel
Senior Effects Artist

Senior Effects Artists Job Description

What is a Senior Effects Artist?

Senior Effects Artist is the top position for Effects.


What do you actually do?

I'm the Effects Coordinator working on Pre-Production for a new title at our studio. Under me are two full-time effects artists. With the help of the other effects artists, I come up with tool ideas, overall effects style, and overseeing the big picture of effects. I also create the effects along with the other effects artists. Along with that, I help the studio with decisions on how we keep our effects competitive and evolving.


What are the general qualifications?

For a senior position, we are looking for multiple shipped games as an effects artist, along with over 3 years of experience in the games industry. For entry level, we are looking for a degree in some sort of computer animation/computer art, along with a strong portfolio of effects. Games experience is a big plus.


What sort of classes (if any) would you suggest to someone interested in becoming an Effects Artist?

Computer animation, particle training, some experience on real time effects (unreal or crysis being a good example)

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