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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 498D: U.S. Empire

A guide for history majors completing their senior capstone project. Guide presupposes mastery of basic library skills taught in History 200.

Exploring Primary Source Collections

Please be prepared to describe the resource(s) you used to the rest of the class –what kind of primary sources they contain and how the search interface works.

Work with the other members in your group to find the document(s) specified. Explore the suggested resources (all linked from the Library Research Guide) first, but feel free to try other resources as well.

Group 1

Document(s) to find: Review security reports from the National Security Council related to the Gulf War.

Suggested resources:

Group 2

Document(s) to find: Find information related to Cuba – U.S. relations in the 1930s.

Suggested resource:

Group 3

Document(s) to find: Search for magazine articles related to Afghanistan from 1850 – 1900. Name some central themes.

Suggested resources:

Group 4

Document(s) to find: Look for joint House and Senate hearings related to Iraq during the Bill Clinton Administration.

Suggested resource:

Group 5

Document(s) to find: Maps documenting the Mexican American War, 1846-1848.

Suggested resources: