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Islam: Library Sources for Research

A general introduction to library resources for the study of Islam. Intended audience: undergraduate students. The guide assumes no specialist knowledge of Islam.


Thank you for visiting this guide--we hope you find it helpful. Please contact us with any questions or comments. 

Celestina Savonius-Wroth, Ph.D.
Religious Studies Librarian
(217) 300-3520
246 Main Library

For more information on Islamic Studies at the University of Illinois, please visit the Religious Studies Department, or the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

This guide is a multi-disciplinary introduction to library resources for the study of Islam. The intended audience is undergraduate students with no specialist background knowledge of the subject. The resources here are all in western languages, predominantly English.

Anyone studying Islam--whether as religion, culture, art, society, history, philosophy--will eventually want to familiarize himself or herself with two of the most important reference works in the field: The Encyclopaedia of Islam and Index Islamicus. The Encyclopaedia of Islam is now into its third edition (still being published). The online version includes all 12 volumes of the 2d edition, and all volumes of the 3d edition as they are published.