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MUS 533: Research in Music Education

Setting Alerts

Search Alerts

You can set search alerts in many library databases so that you are automatically notified when a new source that meets your search criteria is added to the database. Below is a list of tutorials for various database vendors and Google Scholar.

Journal Alerts

Some journals allow you to sign up for alerts when a new issue is available. This information can usually be found on that journal's website and will vary depending on the journal's publisher.

Cited Reference Searching

Just as you should check to see what a source has cited for additional sources related to your topic, you can also identify where a source has been cited since it was published. These features are not 100% accurate, but they can still be useful. 

Google Scholar

  • Search for an important source on your topic in Google Scholar
  • Look for the "Cited by" link under the citation and click on it to view where this source has been cited 

Google Scholar search results emphasizing Cited By

Google Scholar results can be a little messy, but it does a decent job of identifying citations in the humanities. 

More information about cited reference searching can be found here: