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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 498B: Getting Personal: Life Writing as History in Modern Europe

A course guide.

A Selected List

Biography: An Interdisciplinary Journal  (1978- ).  920.005 BIO  Stacks (current issues in English Library); available online

History and Memory (1989- ).  905 HIM  Stacks  (current issues in HPNL; available online

Auto/biography studies: a/b (1985- ).  809.93592 Au823   Stacks  (current issues in English Library)

Lifewriting Annual: Biographical and Autobiographical Studies (2005- ).  808.06692 L62  English Library


Encyclopedia of Life Writing: Autobiographical and Biographical Forms.  Edited by Margaretta Jolly (2001).  2 vols.    Q.820.9 En192  Reference Library


Life Writing: A Glossary of Terms in Biography, Autobiography, and Related Forms.  By Donald J. Winslow (1995).  920.0014 W7321 1995   Oak Street Facility (remote storage)


The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature.  Edited by Mary Beth Norton.  3rd ed.  2 vols.  (1995)   016.9 G941 1995  HPNL, Reference Library  

British Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography of British Diaries Written Between 1442 and 1942.  By William Matthews (1967).   016.92 M43b 1967    Undergraduate Library

British Autobiographies: An Annotated Bibliography of British Autobiographies Published or Written before 1951.  By William Matthews  (1955).  A.920 M43br   Stacks,  English Library

Scottish and Irish Diaries from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century.  By William Matthews  (1927).  820.9 P77s  Stacks

Personal Writings by Women to 1900:  A Bibliography of American and British Writers.  By Gwen Davis (1989).   016.82 D293p 1989    Reference Library, English Library

An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English.  By C.S. Handley (2002).  8 vols.   SIU-Carbondale.

Women's Diaries, Journals, and Letters: An Annotated Bibliography.  By Cheryl Cline (1989).   016.92072 C615w   HPNL, Stacks

English Diaries: A Review of English Diaries from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries.  By Arthur Ponsonby (1923).  820.9 P77e  Undergraduate Library

More English Diaries: Further Reviews of Diaries from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century.  By Arthur Ponsonby (1927).   820.9 P77m    Oak Street Facility (remote storage)

French Autobiographical Writing 1900-1950.  By Susan Dolamore (1997).  016.8409 D685f  Modern Languages Library

Annotated Bibiography of Published Women's Diaries: German Women DiaristsBy Jane DuPree Begos (1989).   016.9207 B39a  Stacks

Jewish Autobiographies and Biographies.  By David Zubatsky (1989).  016.92009292 Z81j  HPNL

Subject Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Empire Society.    (1930-37)   4 vols.   Q.017.142 R81s    Reference Library   [1967 reprint:  017.142 R81s 1967  Stacks]

Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society.  016.91 R81c   Reference Library,  HPNL

Subject Catalogue of the Royal Commonwealth Society, London(1971)   7 vols.  Q.017.142 R811s    Reference Library

Catalogue of the Colonial Office Library, London.   15 vols.   016.325342 G798c  Reference Library

Library Catalogue of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London28 vols. + supplements.  Q.016.915 L84l    Reference Library

A Reference Guide to the Literature of Travel.  By Edward Godfrey Cox.   (1935-49)    3 vols.   016.91 C83r   Rare Book and Manuscript Library    [reprint edition: 016.91 C83r 1969   Reference Library]

A Dictionary of British and Irish Travellers in Italy, 1701-1800.  Compiled by John Ingamells.  (1997)   914.5047 D561  HPNL

The Encyclopedia of Women's Travel and Exploration.  By Patricia D. Netzley.  910.82 N389    HPNL

Wayward Women: A Guide to Women Travellers.  By Jane Robinson.  (2001)  016.9104082 R563w 2001   HPNL

The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing.  Edited by Peter Hulme and Tim Youngs.  (2002)   820.9 C14422   HPNL, English Library

Colonial Discourses.  Series One: Women, Travel, and Empire, 1660-1914.  [microfilm collection]  76 reels with guide.  FILM 910.40820941 C718   HPNL