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Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2023: Wikipedia Resources

IGB Fall 2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon!

Wikipedia Accounts

Create a Wikipedia Account

The first step to editing Wikipedia is creating an account. Go to Wikipedia's Create account page to get started. Remember that your username is publicly visible and all edits you make will be attributed to your username. View Wikipedia's Username policy to learn more about usernames.

Ask a Librarian

How to Edit in Wikipedia

How to Edit:

Check Out some Guides on the Slide Deck Tab of this LibGuide

Help:Editing: Wikipedia's basic introduction to editing Wikipedia. There are two different interfaces users can choose from to when editing:

  • Wiki Markup is Wikipedia's primary editor and it works like a plain text file and editing is done using simple code.
  • VisualEditor is Wikipedia's secondary editing interface and it looks more like a word processor where edits are made using a toolbar or popup interfaces. Beginning editors may find themselves more comfortable with the VisualEditor as it looks less intimidating.
  • Play The Wikipedia Adventure Game, learn to edit Wiki in an hour.

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