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Government Information for United States and China's Relation: Home


Welcome to the Government information for History 498 research guide! Here, you will find search strategies and some resource recommendations for government information sources related to your course.

What is Government Information?

Government information and government information products are published, compiled, or created by the government.


  • When talking about government information, government includes federal, state, municipal governments, and foreign governments as well as intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, etc. 


  • Government publications provide current and historical information on a wide range of subjects: art and architecture, business and economics, consumer protection, criminal justice, culture and folklife, education, energy and the environment, foreign and international relations, health and medicine, labor, laws and regulations, nutrition, and science and technology


  • Government information comes in various formats including more traditional formats such as books, periodicals, scientific and technical reports, legal resources, maps, posters, kits, and pamphlets, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, DVDs, audio and video cassettes, and newer formats such as eBooks, online videos, social media posts, datasets, and other online collections

Government Information at UIUC

Government Information Services provides access to federal, state, and local government information both online and through the collections housed in the University Library. We have been a United States Federal Depository Library since 1907 and also include a substantial collection of 19th century U.S. government documents. The University Library has been a member of the Illinois Documents Depository program since the late 1960s. Our collection also includes legislative documents dating from Illinois’ statehood in 1818.

The University Library has been a United Nations depository since 1946, collecting major agency reports, country information, and statistical series. In 1927 we became a Canadian depository library, focusing on documents in the areas of agriculture, education, the environment, health, natural resources, and transportation. In addition, the University of Illinois has an extensive collection of British government publications. Parliamentary papers include public bills, reports from committees and commissions, accounts, and command papers.

Government information can be located by searching the Library Guides below or by searching the Library Catalog. A large number of print document collections can be found in the Main Library Stacks in Range 5 West.

For more information, please visit the Government Information Services website.