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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

World Religions and Philosophy - Uni High - Dr. Banke's class


This guide has been developed to assist you in your research for Dr. Banke's class. Here is the introductory prompt for your upcoming unit:

This semester you will facilitate a class lesson as a small group for 30-35 minutes in preparation for the second semester individual research and teaching project.  All members of the group are expected to substantially contribute to the project (including speaking during the in-class presentation), though you may divide the work in ways that suit your individual skills.

 In your presentation, you must:
1.    Describe the origins of this belief system, contextualized in the civilization in which it originated.  
2.    Explain the fundamental tenets of this world philosophy:

  • What is/are the core source(s) of authority in this belief system?
  • What does the practice of this belief system look like?  (What does worship look like? How should adherents to this philosophy think about the world?)
  • How does this belief system define ethical, just, or godly behavior? How does it define unethical, unjust, or sinful behavior?

3.    Give at least one detailed example of a parable, thought exercise, event, or story from this belief system.