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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Children's Fire Literacy

Example Discussion Questions for Getting Kids Interested in Firefighting

  • Do you want to be a firefighter one day?
  • Have you seen a firetruck? What noise did it make? Why do they go so fast?
  • Have you ever met a firefighter before? What were they like?
  • What do firefighters do?
  • Have you ever seen a building on fire? Were there firefighters there?
  • What do firefighters look like? What do they wear at work? What kinds of tools do they use?
  • Have you visited a fire station? What did you see?
  • Do you think you could be a firefighter? Why or why not? Would you want to be a firefighter?
  • Firefighters often have to stay at the fire station for 24 hours--that's a whole day! Why do you think firefighters have to stay there so long? Why is it important for there to always be firefighters at the station?
  • Firefighters don't just put out fires, they do other jobs too. Do you know what other jobs firefighters do besides fight fires?
  • Do you know any firefighters? What are they like?
  • What are important qualities for a firefighter to have?
  • Why do you think there is so much training and testing that firefighters have to do?
  • Have you read any other books about firefighters? What did you read?