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Education Research & Methods 550: Methods of Educational Inquiry: Database Searching Tips

A Guide to Library Resources for Education Research & Methods 550 (CI 550, EPSY 550, and SPED 550)

Be Aware!

  • A database may time out if you have not interacted with it in a while, resulting in a loss of your search history. Make sure to record any useful search terms or resources that you find in a separate document or notebook so you don't lose your work if your session times out. 
  • Bookmarking a database to your web browser will not save your search history or search results. When you click on the bookmark, it will just take you back to the homepage or sign-in page for the database. If you want to save your search results for later, you can take a screenshot of your device or create an account (separate from your NetID) on the database platform to save search results. 

Database searching tips

To get to education databases go to the Resources in Education webpage linked above. From that page, click on the link to the ERIC database.

That will take you to the EBSCO company's version of the ERIC database after you login through the proxy server with your NetID and password.  Once you are on the EBSCO page, click on "Choose Databases" above the search boxes.  That will offer you a list of EBSCO databases to select.  In addition to ERIC, select the other two education databases (Education Full-Text and Professional Development Collection) and SocIndex (to cover social policy and social justice topics).  You may want to scan the other databases in the list to consider other possibilities for selection.  Use the filters on the left to select Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed articles and to limit by date, for example, from 2000 to 2022. 

Some search terms to consider:
first row:  student protest or student activism
second row: higher education or college or university
third row: Title IX
Modify your search by changing topics in the third row.  Examples might include "Black Lives Matter" or "microaggression" or "statues or monuments"
Need help or have questions?  Contact a librarian through chat or email, or ask for a one-on-one research consultation.

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