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Post 9/11 Research-- Schoeplein: Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaeda

What you'll find on this page

This page contains the topic-specific books and resources for topics Osama Bin Laden/Al Qaeda and America Post-9/11. 

Be careful readers--
 almost everything written on this topic is going to be biased in some way, even the most factual-seeming sources. Don't rely on one source, and don't take authors at their word too readily.


Osama Bin Laden

Search term suggestions

  • *Osama Bin Laden* (try searching in Credo)/Usama bin Laden/Usama bin Ladin 

  • Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden

  • Mujahideen/Mujahedeen

  • ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)

Al Qaeda


  • *Al-Qaeda* (try searching in Gale)/Al-Qaida/Al-Qa'ida

  • Al-Qaeda in Yemen/Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan

  • Al-Qaeda ideology/Qutbism/Sharia

  • Al-Qaeda Terrorism