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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Performing Arts

A guide designed to highlight DEIA resources for the performing arts including recommendations for diversifying your repertoire and suggestions for further reading.

Search Terms -- Theatre

Below are a few examples of subject headings related to DEIA topics and theater. You can use them as search terms in the Library catalog to help you get started with your research!

Some general subject headings to try include:

  • Theater-- Instruction and study -- Social aspects, Theater -- Political aspects, Theater -- Social aspects

Add modifiers for particular groups or topics to narrow your search:

  • Hispanic American theater, Asian American theater, African American theater
  • Race in the theater, Ethnicity in the theater

To find materials on disability and accessibility, try:

  • Actors with disabilities, People with disabilities and the performing arts

For gender and sexuality in music, try:

  • Women in the theater, Feminism and theater
  • Gay theater, Homosexuality in the theater
  • Sex role in the theater

*Remember, the terms used by library catalogs and other library resources represent the (US-centric, patriarchal, white) point of view of those who created them. There are many in the field working to change this practice.

Selected Readings -- Theatre

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