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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Color Our Collections: The Funk ACES Library Coloring Book

Funk ACES Library invites you to color our collections

Funk ACES Library invites you to color the University Library's collections

The images in our online coloring book are adapted from materials items in University Library's collection that have been digitized and contributed to two publicly available digital libraries, the Biodiversity Heritage Library and Internet Archive. Coloring sheets include citations and links to help you locate the books and explore further.  By sharing our coloring book, we aim to: 

  • provide a fun and relaxing study break
  • demonstrate attribution and ethical re-use of content
  • showcase the University Library’s collections
  • promote the digital libraries that share our collections with the world
coloring book page,
20 pears, black and white illustration
design made from illustration of Capnea sanguinea
Drawing of Cucurbita pepo vine and fruit
3 ears of corn
mandala design from an indian block print
Design composed from indian wood block prints
Ulmus glabra illustration
turtle shell decorated with flowers
snowflake shape composed of a printer's end mark
two ears of corn
symmetrical design, 6 petalled flower in center surrounded by 6 larger leaves
two line drawings of the Funk ACES skylight, resembling a star pattern, repeated three times each.
monarch butterfly design
drawing of fish, triploid grass carp
design from illustration of Thaumantias thompsoni
Letters B and F, best friends.
flemish engraving,
North Cape Cruise advertisement
pattern composed of beetle illustration
colorable notecards featuring an indian block print and a stylized animal crest
notecards to color, creeper and hoopoe (birds)
Pear illustrations
Pepper plant and Cucurbita pepo leaf and fruit illustrations
Notecards to color, European kingfisher and bison
Design from printers' decorative elements and Indian wood block print centerpiece notecards
XO and T notecards
two views of the Funk Library skylight
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