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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Knowledge Creation amidst Biased and Entrenched Systems of Academic Publishing

A guide to the Chai Wai panel scheduled for November 17, 2020.

Fran Collyer

Fran Collyer
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Sydney

Highlighted publications

Collyer, F. M. (2018). Global patterns in the publishing of academic knowledge: Global North, global South. Current Sociology, 66(1), 56–73.

Connell, R., Collyer, F., Maia, J., & Morrell, R. (2017). Toward a global sociology of knowledge: Post-colonial realities and intellectual practices. International Sociology, 32(1), 21–37.

Connell, R., Pearse, R., Collyer, F., Maia, J. M., & Morrell, R. (2018). Negotiating with the North: How Southern-tier intellectual workers deal with the global economy of knowledge. The Sociological Review, 66(1), 41–57.

Charlotte Roh

Charlotte Roh
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Gleeson Library | Geschke Center
University of San Francisco

Highlighted publications

Roh, C. (2016). Library publishing and diversity values: Changing scholarly publishing through policy and scholarly communication education. College & Research Libraries News, 77(2), 82–85.

Roh, C. (2018). Reflections on the Intersection of Publishing and Librarianship: The Experiences of Women of Color. In R. L. Chou & A. Pho (Eds.), Pushing the margins: Women of color and intersectionality in LIS (pp. 427–446). Library Juice Press.

Roh, C. (2016). Inequalities in Publishing. Urban Library Journal, 22(2), 1–15.

Laila Hussein

Laila Hussein
Middle East & North African Studies Librarian
International and Area Studies Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign