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Dissertation to Book: Introduction

This guide explains how a scholar can approach revising their dissertation into a book in order to publish it with a scholarly press.

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This guide explains how a scholar might approach revising their dissertation into a book in order to publish it with a scholarly press. Much of this guide is a reflection of the processes and procedures at the University of Illinois Press, and while many scholarly presses operate similarly, there can be differences from press to press and even from editor to editor. Potential authors should consult with the presses they plan on submitting to for exact guidance.

This guide assumes that the reader intends to produce a book based on their dissertation; however, it is important to acknowledge that revising the dissertation is only one option among many. Scholars may choose not to revise their dissertation into a book, and instead might take ideas from the dissertation and move the first book in a different direction, publish articles based on the dissertation, or write a first book that is completely new and different. For those who want to revise their dissertation, the following guide provides a path on how one might start that process.

Though this guide is meant to accompany the Savvy Researcher workshop, "Dissertation to Book: Basics of the Revision & Publishing Process," it is not a replacement for the workshop. If you have any questions about this guide or the workshop it is based on, please do not hesitate Ask a Librarian.


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