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#FromMarginToCenter: Afro-Caribbean Art



About This Guide

This guide provides information on Afro-Caribbean painters, architects, sculptors, and other creatives. Included are links to resources such as books, websites, articles, media, and organizations pertaining to this topic. 

This guide does not represent a comprehensive or definitive list of all the important countries, artists, pieces, and texts related to Afro-Caribbean art. The highlighted people and resources were selected using library materials, popular press articles, and museum websites. If you need help finding additional information or would like to nominate an individual or group to be included in this list, please fill out our Suggestions & Feedback form. 

About #FromMarginToCenter

#FromMarginToCenter is born out of the clear need to draw attention to marginalized voices, not only across our society, but specifically in our library. We need to acknowledge that nondominant experiences are not well represented in our collections and resources, and further we need to do something about it.


  • Create a growing body of resources designed to highlight contemporary artists and designers across a broad range of identities. Our selection criteria combine staff expertise and interest, current events, and providing a balanced range of resources, knowing that this is an emerging body of material that will evolve and take different shapes over time.

  • After putting in the work to create a resource guide, we amplify those voices. We highlight specific creators in our social media, look for ways to collect more material about or by the person in question, and find ways to embed references to these folks in our more general use guides, as well as our  teaching, outreach, reference, and other activities.


For more information, see the #FromMarginToCenter Initiative page on our website.

Fair Use Guidelines

Materials accessed in this guide are provided for personal and/or scholarly use.  Users are responsible for obtaining any copyright permissions that may be required for their own further uses of that material.  For more information about fair use please refer to the College Art Association Code of Best Practices in Fair Use in the Visual Arts.