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Library Wellness Challenge 2023

Library Wellness Challenge 2023


2023 Wellness Challenge Banner: images from landmark acquisitions (millionth volumes)

The Library and the Wellness Committee are pleased to bring you the 2023 Library Wellness Challenge!

Do you need an excuse to get moving and engage in healthy activities after a long winter? Are you eager for a little friendly competition?

Starting Monday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 30th you have the opportunity to get involved in the Annual Library Wellness Challenge!

This year the Library will be working together to collect the Library's Landmark Acquisitions through our wellness activities. We will be counting our steps (and step-equivalents) to collect the *14 million volumes* in our Library. Use the Activity Conversion chart (linked under Helpful Resources) to convert wellness activities other than walking into steps. Any wellness activity not listed can be converted by counting 60 steps per minute of activity. For example, 15 minutes of mindfulness equals 900 steps. If we meet our final goal, all participants who have turned in their weekly counts on time for all four weeks will receive a fabulous, wellness-enhancing prize.

If you have a tracking device such as a Fitbit, Apple watch or an app on your phone, please use that to track your steps.  If you do not have an activity tracker, the Library can provide participants with pedometers, but supplies are limited. Participants who have registered for the walking challenge and need a pedometer should email beginning, Tuesday, March 28

Rules and Procedures

  1. Register as an individual or select a team of members from the Library. Students that work in your unit are welcome to join. Think of a team name.  The team or the individual will E-MAIL to register either as an individual or with the team's name by 5pm on April 3rd.  If you would like to be assigned a team, please note that on your registration.
  2. If you are counting steps, wear a tracking device every day from April 3rd to April 30th. Record your steps in your calendar, through online tools or calculate your steps using an app for your phone. Here are some walking route planner and app examples.
  3. If you are counting other types of wellness activities, record those activities in your calendar. Use the Activity Conversion chart or the equation "one minute of a wellness activity =  60 steps" to convert your activities into steps.
  4. On Monday morning each week, input your weekly step/step equivalent count. Please try to stay with these deadlines so that we can send out results in a timely manner.  Please enter your total step count for each week in this form.

  5. Once we receive all of the numbers for the week, we will send out a list of all of the individual and team averages. Try to increase your average each week!


For Teams and Individuals:

At the end of the four weeks, we'll calculate the total average steps of each team over the course of the 4 weeks. Certificates will be awarded to the top team. The top individual not on a winning team will also receive a certificate.

Teams and individuals who did not place in the top will be reviewed for the highest change in steps over the 4 weeks. The team and individual that improve the most will also receive certificates.  The team and the individual with the highest average, of course, will have bragging rights for the next year!

Everyone who turns in their steps on time for all four weeks will be eligible for a prize (courtesy of Interim Dean Chris Prom) if we meet our Library goal of collecting 14 million volumes.  We will have a time set aside in May to hand out our prize.  If we all get active, we can meet our challenge!