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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

O'Brien- Poetry: Finding Poetry

Resources for the Poetry Explication Essay

Poetry Websites

Poetry Recitations

If poetry on the page isn't grabbing you, try listening to (or watching) someone else reciting poetry!

Catalog Search Tutorial

Uni High physical collection

To select a book of poetry you can pick up from the Uni library,  follow the instructions in the video above, or pick from the selection below.

Once you've selected a book and confirmed it's on the shelf, email Paul ( to arrange a pickup, or use the form from class.

Books Available Digitally

Want a book, but don't want to arrange a pickup? Some printed collections of poetry are available online through the university. Get started with these, or search the catalog for more.

Uni Library Anthologies

Anthologies are a great resource-- they have poems of a wider diversity of styles and authors than a single poetry collection, and someone has decided each of them is worthy of including. If you want a physical anthology to go through, request it from the Uni library!