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Search these databases to find journal articles related to your topic. Start with a general keyword search, then use the very important "Refine Your Results" bar (usually to the left of the search results) to get more specific with time, place, and subject.

Searching for Books - Perfect for this Project!

Step One: Start at the UIUC online catalog.

Step Two: Enter keywords related to your topic. These might include: prostitution, maids, servants, gender, drug use, insanity, class, and other lighthearted aspects of life. NO MATTER YOUR TOPIC, BE SURE TO ADD "GREAT BRITAIN" TO YOUR SEARCH.

Step Three: Get to the right time period. Using the "Narrow Your Search" column on the right-hand side of the results page, scroll down until you see the option "Era." Select the appropriate time period (pro tip: that's the 19th century). It will look a little something like this:

Step Four: Work the system. All you need is one book that matches your topic. Once you find one, you can use the catalog's preferred vocab, provided in handy, clickable links in the Topics section, looking something like this:

You want to click on the most specific category of each grouping of vocab words. For instance, if your topic is on prostitution, you would click on "19th century" in the list of topics (in red here) to go directly to books about prostitution in the era you need, using all the keyword terms the catalog understands (meaning, it incorporates Prostitution AND Great Britain AND History AND 19th century).

Step Five: Get your request on. Every time you find a book perfect for your project, look for the "Request Item" tab (to the far right), then log into your library account. Be sure to request pick-up at the Uni Desk. Don't have an account set up yet? Talk to Ms. Arnold.

The Nitty-Gritty: Current Assignment Details and Sources of Semesters Past