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Learn GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

This guide is for Savvy Researcher GIS workshops offered by Scholarly Commons. This guide aims to provide support for beginners and experts in GIS by summarizing content and resources.

Course Guide Scope

This guide is intended to support the GIS workshops offered by Scholarly Commons. The Scholarly Commons a set of core GIS workshops called the GIS for Research Series as well as a myriad of specialized GIS workshops.

  • GIS for Research Series
    • GIS for Research I: Introduction to GIS Concepts, Software, and Data
    • GIS for Research II: Framing GIS Research, Tools, and Data Management
    • GIS for Research III: Geoprocessing, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Specialized GIS Workshops
    • Story Maps
    • Collecting Geospatial Data
    • Python
    • ArcGIS Online

To view a full list of GIS workshops currently offered, as well as other workshops hosted by the Scholarly Commons, consult this calendar.

Guide for GIS Experience Levels

Guide for GIS Experience Levels
None 0 years of experience: Never heard of GIS or some familiarity of GIS but never used GIS software or taken a GIS class
Beginner 1 year of experience or less: At least one GIS class or self-taught; used GIS with 1-4 projects
Intermediate 1 to 3 years of experience: At least two GIS classes or used GIS in job or internship; used GIS on 5-10 projects or periodic GIS use for research or job responsibilities
Advanced 3 to 5 years of experience: Many GIS courses or degree with strong GIS focus; GIS used weekly for research or job responsibilities