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Indigenous Architecture across Abya Yala (Latin America): Brazil

La Cuisine de la Malocca

Temporary maloca structure by Albert Frisch, La Cuisine de la Malocca,
Tabatinga, about 1867, Albumen silver print, The J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles


This page focuses on the Indigenous people of Brazil, primarily the Kaingang Southern Jê, Ticuna, and Makuna tribes. While the resources provided are centered on the architecture and design practices present in these communities, we also give information about the current political and social issues affecting these Indigenous people with the belief that these issues are in conversation with the architectural and design practices. The section “Accessing Materials” offers tips and information about searching for additional resources about the subject. 

Accessing Materials

Some useful initial key words to use for searching for articles or books in the catalogue are: 

  • Indigenous + Brazil
  • Makuna + Brazil
  • Ticuna + Brazil
  • Brazilian Architecture 
  • Architecture + Mapuche 
  • Architecture + Indigenous + Brazil
  • Vernacular Architecture + Brazil

Since many resources may be in Portuguese, it may be useful to try these key words in Portuguese as well. For example:

  • Indígena + Brasil
  • Arquitetura + Indígena + Brasil



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