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Emergency Responders and Pandemics

A LibGuide detailing some historic pandemics and emergency responses to them.

Epidemic vs Pandemic, What's the Difference?

"An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region. A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread to multiple countries or continents across the world, really. A simple way to remember the difference is to think of the P in pandemic as a passport to travel. So in a way, a pandemic is a globe-trotting epidemic."

Visit Coronavirus Vocabulary for a narrated visual.

General Resources

The History of EMS

While Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the United States date back to as early as the Civil War, EMS as we know it did not begin to take root until the late 1960s. Learn more about the history of EMS through the sources provided below.

Unfortunately, information regarding the emergency response to epidemics predating Modern EMS is not as organized as epidemics from recent history. Because of that, we are only including information about American emergency responses to each epidemic when applicable. Please reach out to the IFSI Library if you would like more information about the emergency response to a specific epidemic- we are happy to assist you!

IFSI Resources

Linked below are materials that can be found at the IFSI Library. More books, articles, and other resources can be found by searching our catalog.