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Copyright Instruction Library Guide

Purpose of this Guide

The purpose of the guide is to share open access materials for copyright instruction use within a library.  The units will be separated into lessons based on a particular copyright subject or issue and materials will be shared enabling a librarian to teach the unit to colleagues within the library in a series of workshops. 

The following subjects are available (and more will be added as they are developed):

  • Author’s Rights
  • How to Develop a Library Copyright Policy (for a library publishing group)

If you have materials or a teaching unit that you wish to share, please e-mail Sara Benson at

Please note that only open access materials will be shared and that none of the information included on this guide is legal advice.

Scholarly Communication and Publishing


Creative Commons License

Except where otherwise indicated, original content in this guide is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 license. You are free to share, adopt, or adapt the materials. We encourage broad adoption of these materials for teaching and other professional development purposes, and invite you to customize them for your own needs.