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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Architecture: Climate Change and the Built Environment: Ricker Collections

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How to Request

Materials within Ricker's vault collections can be accessed only in-person and cannot leave the library. To request an item, simply come visit us with some basic information about the item such as the call number, title, author or date. Library staff will retrieve the item for you and walk you through any special handling needs. You will then be set up at a table in front of the circulation desk. A staff member will remain in the area in case you have any questions or need assistance of any kind. 

As general policy, please also take care that your hands are clean and dry. To prevent any accidents, only pencils are permitted around vault items. Any backpacks and water bottles should also be placed on the floor away from the materials. 

Closed Stacks items are similar to Vault items in that they are also non-circulating. This means that they can't leave the library. To request an item for use, please come visit us in-person with some basic information about the item you would like to see. A library staff member will retrieve the item and walk you through any specific handling needs as they set you up at the table in front of the circulation desk.

The materials can be checked out for up to two hours. If you need more time, simply ask the staff member at the desk for help renewing the loan. 

Books located in the Stacks are the ones in the usual library book shelves that you can browse through and check out to take home with you. They can be requested directly through the library catalog and put on hold for you to pick up at whatever library location is most convenient to you. 

Alternatively, you can come into the library to pick out the book yourself. There will always be a staff member available for help with finding materials.

Books at Ricker Library