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Classical Archaeology & Art: Multimedia


Below, you can find links to a variety of videos and channels related to Greek and Roman archaeology, broadly divided into (1) virtual tours of different sites, (2) animated reconstructions, some of which were produced for museum and exhibit installations, and (3) documentaries. All of the following items are open-access. 

Virtual Tours

Prowalk Tours

Prowalk Tours' YouTube channel presents virtual tours of several sites relevant to Greek and Roman Antiquity, by foot, scooter, or drone. These tours, accompanied by explanatory captions, include:

Animated Reconstructions

Altair 4 Multimedia

This workshop of Italian digital artists is committed to producing high-quality animated reconstructions of a variety of historical and archaeological sites, including for museums and cultural institutions. Clips and samples of their videos are freely available on YouTube. The group's archive includes clusters of videos specifically devoted to Pompeii, Ancient Rome, the Athenian Acropolis, and Greek Sicily.  


A Day in Pompeii

Zero One created this animation for an immersive theater installation as part of the Melbourne Museum's "A Day in Pompeii" exhibition (June-October 2009). This animation offers a chance to feel the same drama and terror of the town's citizens long ago, and witness how a series of eruptions wiped out Pompeii over 48 hours.


The Digital Hadrian's Villa Project

This animation of Hadrian's villa at Tivoli is part of the Digital Hadrian's Villa Project, created by the Virtual World Heritage Library and sponsored by the University of Virginia Department of Classics.


The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum

BBC, 2013: Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill presents a documentary following the scientific investigation that aims to lift the lid on what life was like in the small Roman town of Herculaneum, moments before it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.


Pompeii: Life And Death With Mary Beard

Gleaning evidence from an extraordinary find, Cambridge professor and Pompeii expert Mary Beard provides new insight into the lives of the people who lived in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius before its cataclysmic eruption in this Timeline documentary.


Secrets of the Parthenon

This NOVA special, produced by PBS and freely available through Vimeo, focuses on efforts to restore the Parthenon.