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Research Posters : EUI Student Conference

Poster sessions at conferences and professional meetings are a way to visually convey the details of your research or conclusions. This guide will offer you the basics in design, content and printing resources.

What is the EUI Student Poster Session?

Ethnography of the University Spring 2020 Student Conference

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 9am-2pm

Location: Levis Faculty Center 

  • A poster session is an opportunity for you to share your EUI semester research in a creative, visual way.
  • Presenters will make poster from a single PowerPoint slide in order to demonstrate the main points of research in a clear and concise manner.
  • Each scholar will be given an easel, cardboard support and clips to support the poster.
  • The posters will be set up on second floor of Levis Faculty Center for a 30-minute poster session.
  • Colleagues and peers will move informally between the posters while presenters typically give a brief (3-4 minute) talk about their research and answer questions.
  • The cost of printing for the EUI Student Conference is donated by the University Library. 

The poster format will be landscape mode and in color. You will be provided with a cardboard backing and clips to secure your poster. 

Deadlines for submitting your poster

The deadline to submit your final poster for printing is Wednesday, April 15, 2020. 

Send to Emilie at 

  • Make sure you have double-checked your poster for spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Make sure all of your images are the proper size, if stretched they will pixelate. 
  • Save your poster to PDF format. 
  • Double-check the "Properties" of your PDF file to make sure your poster is landscape orientation and the correct dimensions (40" by 30").
  • At the conclusion of the poster session, you can choose to keep your poster or donate it to the University Library, which will be recycled or used for future instructional sessions for EUI.

What to expect at the EUI Student Poster Session

  • Dress is business casual.
  • Get ready by rehearsing your 3-4 minute lightning talk on your poster. In addition to your "lightning talk" develop a set of talking points that you can use when speaking with attendees.
  • Double-check the time when your poster session is scheduled. Arrive early to the EUI Student Conference (you’ll want to hear from the panels as well).
  • Be relaxed! Arrive half an hour before the scheduled session start time for set-up.
  • Stand to the side of your poster so that people can see it.
  • Introduce yourself to people as they come up to your poster and use one of your talking points as an opener.
  • Briefly explain your project (goals, what you did, conclusions) using the poster as a visual guide.
  • Ask people if they have questions.
  • Don’t talk to a single person for too long if others are at your poster.

-> You may also want to consider participating in the University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Symposium.

University Library Student Poster Award

The University Library is once again sponsoring an EUI Student Poster Award for $25 to Amazon. 

Guidelines for selection are based on a three-prong rubric:
1. Visual literacy: The research is well prepared as a visual presentation, clear and brief.
2. Library resources: Evidence of use of library resources and collections.
3. Citations: Correct citation and documentation of source materials.

Students are required to submit a bibliography with the poster in order to qualify for the poster award. You may choose your own citation style as long as you are consistent. For help with citations, please visit the University Library's Help & Services pa

Winner of the Fall 2016 EUI Student Conference Poster Session

Winners of the Fall 2012 EUI Student Conference Poster Session


Winners of the spring 2012 EUI Student Conference Poster Session