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Bibliography and Historical Research

A guide to finding and using bibliographies for historical research, with an emphasis on using bibliographies to find primary sources.

Corporate Bibliography

Corporate bibliographies are similar to personal bibliographies, except that, instead of compiling documents by, about, or belonging to a specific person, they compile documents produced by an organization, documents about an organization, or documents belonging to an organization (for example, its library).

Like personal bibliographies, corporate bibliographies are usually created for organizations deemed to have been historically significant. And, like personal bibliographies, corporate bibliographies are useful for finding primary sources that otherwise lack adequate bibliographic control, such as unpublished works, and documents published in non-book formats (e.g. unpublished reports, business records, and correspondence).

Some examples of corporate bibliographies:

As with personal bibliographies, a common type of corporate bibliography is a list (or catalog) of books owned by an organization--the fact of the books' provenance can often be of interest to to researchers, as in the following: