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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How to Find Articles

How and where to find articles using the Library website.

Easy Search

The quickest strategy to start with is to type the article title into the "Easy Search" box on the University Library's homepage. Easy Search searches across multiple databases the Library subscribes to. If the article you are searching for does not come up in the search results, try using the Online Journals and Databases tool.

  1. Begin at the University Library's homepage. Type the title into the Easy Search bar. Optionally, you can select the subject of the article in the dropdown menu next to the search box.

    Easy Search
  2. Frequently, Easy Search will lead you directly to an online version of the correct article. If you are finding more than one result, try using the drop-down menu to specify that you are looking for the title. You can also retry the search using the author's name and specifying "author" in the drop-down menu.

    Search Results page
  3. Check the rest of the page to see if the article is available in a different database, like Scopus (bottom left) or PubMed, one of the suggestions on the right side of the page.

Journal & Article Locator

The Journal and Article Locator is a tool that allows you to search for an article given a full citation or most of a full citation.

  1. Go to the University Library's homepage and click the "Databases and Journals" tab. Then select "Journal and Article Locator."

  2. Fill in as much of the citation information as you have.
    Journal and Article locator

  3. If you put in all of the article's information, or use a DOI, you will be automatically redirected to the article.

  4. If the Journal and Article Locator does not have enough information (for example if you did not have a year or volume number to enter) or if the search fails, you will be taken to a Journal and Article Locator Results screen.
    Journal article locator results page

  5. If there is a link saying Article Match, check to see if it takes you to the article you are looking for.

  6. If it is not the right article, choose either of the Discover E-resources A-Z "Start of Title Matches" or "Keyword Search Matches."