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Digital Historian Series: Using Digital Tools for Archival Research: Home

This guide is for scholars interested in using digital photography in their archival research.


This guide is for scholars interested in using digital photography in their archival research.


Photo by Paul-Henri S 

What's in this guide?

Broken down into several sections, this guide gives an introduction to information available on how to use technology in archival research. 

What is in this guide:

  1. Home
  2. Getting Started
    • Things to consider before starting your research.
  3. Camera
    • Tips on what features cameras have to offer and elements to keep in mind when looking for a camera.
  4. Taking Pictures
    • Suggestions on how to improve the quality of pictures taken in archives.
  5. Data Organization
    • Ways to keep your images and the corresponding data organized.
  6. Software
    • What sort of software one might wish to use throughout the project.
  7. Backup
    • Suggestions on how to backup your information, and reasons why this is important.
  8. Additional Sources
    • Links to various sources with useful information


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