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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guide to Locating Social Sciences, Health, and Education Dissertations and Theses

This guide was created to help you find theses and dissertations related to social sciences, health, and education from around the world.

Browsing Thesis Call Numbers for Social Science, Health, and Education Degrees Granted at Illinois

Theses and dissertations completed at Illinois in the areas of education and the social sciences are located in the Main Stacks and on microfilm in the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library (246 Library).

Beginning in 1993, theses completed in the academic departments served by the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library were assigned the following generic call numbers:

Q.150               Psychology     

Q.301               Sociology        

Q.306               Anthropology   

Q.320               Political Science

Q.350               Public Administration

Q.360               Social Work

Q.362.1            Community Health

Q.370               Education

Q.612.76          Kinesiology

Q.612.78          Speech & Hearing Science

Q.617.03          Rehabilitation

Q.790.01          Leisure Studies/Recreation, Sport & Tourism

For theses cataloged 1993-1999, the second line of the call number begins with TA, for doctoral dissertations, or TAM, for master's theses, which is then followed by the year of the granted degree and the first letter(s) of the author's surname. Starting with the year 2000, the second line of the call number now begins with TB or TBM. 

To browse the online catalog for theses or dissertations, select "Dewey Call Number" under the drop-down menu. When typing in the call number range to browse, include the Q. prefix and the TA, TAM, TB, or TBM suffixes. For instance, to look for pre-2000 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign masters theses in education, your search string would be Q. 370 tam. Be sure to leave spaces between each section of the call number.