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Science Fiction: Books


Reading Science Fiction for the first time? Here are some book suggestions from Thrillist to begin with! It's organized chronologically, with the oldest in the beginning and the newer ones at the end: 33 Best Science-Fiction Novels

Books about SciFi

Subgenres in Science Fiction

Science Fiction Subgenres  

  Alien Invasion

  Alternate History (SF)

  Alternate/Parallel Universe


  Artificial Intelligence



  Dying Earth


  First Contact

  Galactic Empire

  Generation Ship

  Hard SF

  Human Development


  Light/Humorous SF

  Military SF

  Mind Uploading

  Mundane SF


  Mythic Fiction (SF)







  Soft SF

  Space Exploration

  Space Opera



  Time Travel

  Uplift (SF)


  Virtual Reality

  Weird (SF)