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RSS Readers / Google Reader Alternatives

Offering alternatives to Google Reader--find the perfect RSS Reader to fit your needs!

Finding the Best News and RSS Reader

What is an RSS Feed?
RSS icon RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to keep current on websites that have frequently updated content. This video explains what RSS feeds do and why they can be useful!
For more information about RSS feeds and how they be used, check out our Current Awareness page. 

Looking for a quick and easy way to organize your RSS feeds and favorite news sources?
Check out the following sections of this guide to find the right feed reader for you:


News and Social Media Dashboard Apps (with options to import RSS Feeds):

What are you looking for in a Reader?

Readers:   In-Browser   Browser Add-On Mobile Site  App  Free Version




The Old Reader








E-mail it to Me!

Not interested in an App or Reader but still want to get RSS updates?

Try e-mailing yourself the feed!