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Creating Music Playlists: Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press (ASP)

The University of Illinois subscribes to the following music and performing arts related products provided by Alexander Street Press:

We also have the following Alexander Street Press products that may have some useful content:

ASP for Mobile Phone

Alexander Street Press provides access to streaming their music collections on mobile phones through the use of QR codes. Find out more information here.

Creating New Playlists

By using your own personal account, you can create playlists that are visible just to you, to your class or group, to everyone at UIUC, or everyone.

This page covers how to:

  • create an account on Music Online
  • create playlists
  • access, edit, and share playlists

Creating an Account and Playlists in Music Online

To create an account:
  • Go to Music Online
  • Click the "User Profile" logo at the top right corner.  


  • Click Create new account to enter into the account registration page


  • Fill out the appropriate information using your e-mail address
  • Select the Create new account button

To create a playlist:

  • Go to Music Online
  • Click the "User Profile" logo at the top right corner and login with your credentials


  • Search for your items in the search bar
  • Click into your desired album 
  • To add the full album into your playlist, select Playlist under the album title


  • To add selected tracks into your playlist, select the + sign on the left of your desired tracks


  • To view your selected tracks or albums, click view list on the top right corner
  • To add the selected items into an existing playlist or to create a new playlist, click Playlist on the left column. 


  • This Add to / create playlist message box will show up.  Click Add to add selected items to an existing playlist, or Create to create a new playlist



To access existing playlists:

  • Click the Alexander Street logo on the top of the page to go to the home page
  • Click Playlist on the top toolbar


  • Select a Title from your playlists



To play, edit, and share your playlists:

  • Click Play to play the complete playlist or click the title of a track or an album to play the selected track or album


  • Click Edit playlist to edit or share your playlist
  • Under VISIBILITY OPTIONS, select Just meJust my class or groupEveryone at my institution, or Everyone to select who can access to the playlist 



  • Click Save changes



  • To share, select Just your class or group under VISIBILITY OPTIONS.  Enter the email addresses of students or group members in order to send them a notification.  Click Save changes.


  • Click Notify group to send a notification



Use Music Online for Listening Tests

Music Online: Listening has an option to share playlists with the metadata hidden so that students can listen to the audio without seeing the composer, work title, etc. 

If a professor would like students to identify a work from the middle of a piece, creating and adding an audio clip is a great option.

Here is a handout with directions and an online tutorial: PDF: