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This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a ME 470 Project Group.

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Overview of Guide

Welcome to the ME 470 Projects LibGuide.

Each ME 470 group is assigned a Grainger Engineering Library graduate assistant or a librarian whom they are encouraged to contact with their reference questions. One of the group's first assignments will be to complete a literature review. Throughout the semester, groups are encouraged to arrange meetings with their assigned graduate assistant or librarian to help find and utilize the Library's resources to locate materials for the their literature review and, possibly, to provide feedback on their literature review.

Avery, Amanda, aravery2[at]

  • Caterpillar: Bar stock material testing bench design
  • Cornelius: Design of Auto-ratio Beverage Valve

Cabada, Elisandro, cabada[at]

  • Abbott Power Plant/Johnson Controls: Operational Cost Analysis of a Steam vs Electric Chiller
  • J. David Cross, D.D.S.: Design of a Test Stand for the Versah Bur Kit Dental Implant Tool
  • PSYONIC: Bionic Hand Waterproofing

Garner, Kitty, cgarner4[at]

  • ADS FLEXSTORM: Design of a Robust Temporary Storm Water Drain Inlet Screen
  • Eco-Marathon Urban Concept: Urban Concept/Shell Eco-Marathon Team

Gloor, Edward, egloor2[at]

  • Johnson Controls Advanced Development Engineering Center: Design of a Chiller Heat Exchanger Measurement Technique
  • MechSE/Professor Taher Saif: Design of a Novel Device to Assist Venipuncture

Hackel, Joshua, jhackel2[at]

  • Carrier: Novel expansion valves sealing
  • Caterpillar: Design of an Adjustable Suspended Foot Pedal System

Lechman, Ellen, ellenml2[at]

  • University of Illinois Sustainable Student Farm: Design of a Small Farm’s Greens Harvester
  • Slowride, Inc: Design of an improved pedal bus charging system

Mischo, Bill, w-mischo[at]

  • Illini Hyperloop/Novark Technologies: Design of a battery cooling system for Illini Hyperloop
  • Littlefuse: Filler Grain Size Optimization for High-Voltage Automotive Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Fuses
  • MechSE/Professor Nenad Miljkovic: Fabrication and Characterization of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Thermal Management Testbed with Flow and Stagnant Pool Conditions Compatible with Data Centers

Murphy, Bethany, bcmrphy2[at]

  • Ally: Design of a Vehicle Hail Damage Detection System (Continuation Project)
  • Prince Castle: Modeling Thermal Properties of Hamburger Components/Burger Modeling

Schlembach, Mary, schlemba[at]

  • Thyssenkrupp: Lapper Shoes Redesign

Piehl, Dennis, piehl1[at]

  • Illinois Fire Service Institute: Design of an Improved Laser Diagnostic Test Stand
  • John Deere: Redesign Body Frame/Power System of Deere’s product, the Tango Mower

Post, Laurel, laurelp2[at]

  • John Deere: Redesign drivetrain of Deere’s product, the Tango Mower
  • Orpheum Children’s Science Museum: Design of an engineering exhibit for the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum

Wallace, Rob, rwwalla2[at]

  • Midtronics: Design of a Reusable Shipping/Storage Package for Battery Testing Station Equipment
  • Sun Buckets, Inc: Design of an Improved Solar Cooker
  • Swim Stroke Doctor: Design of an improved submerged swimmer video system

Wiley, Christie, cawiley[at]

  • 25 O’Clock Brewing Company: Design of an Improved Sampler Tray
  • Peddinghaus Corporation: Design of a new steel conveying system

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