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ME 470 Projects: Home

This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a ME 470 Project Group.

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Overview of Guide

Welcome to the ME 470 Projects LibGuide.

Each ME 470 group is assigned a Grainger Engineering Library graduate assistant or a librarian whom they are encouraged to contact with their reference questions. One of the group's first assignments will be to complete a literature review. Throughout the semester, groups are encouraged to arrange meetings with their assigned graduate assistant or librarian to help find and utilize the Library's resources to locate materials for the their literature review and, possibly, to provide feedback on their literature review.

Alaks, Kadet,  

  • Bosch (Dremel Manufacturing Co.) -- Cleaning Tool
  • Profs. Prashant Mehta and Matthew West -- Disease Spread Models
  • Carle Health Make A Thon -- Smart Toilet

Carroll, Monica 

  • Thyssen Krupp -- Camshaft Runout
  • Professor Liz Hsiao-Wecksler/Christopher Zallek, MD -- Training Simulator

Cheng, Siyao 

  • Project 9 -- Converter Cooling
  • UI Fire Service Institute --  Gear Cleaning
  • John Deere, Inc. -- Test Stand

DiCiesare, Leah

  • Caterpillar, Inc. -- Machinery Pedal
  • Towerdome Design, LLC --  Towerdome Validation

Garza, Livia

  • Profs. Paul Fischer and Leonardo Chamorro -- Actuated Surface
  • Carle Health Make A Thon --  ALICE Sensors
  • CU Aerospace -- Propellant Feed

Hinders, Kriss,

  • Prof. Martin Starzewski - Particle Shaker
  • Professor Amy Wissa -- Towing System

Howell, Katherine       

  • Gas Technology Institute --  Compressor Motor
  • Seyon Capital Management -- Electrical Adapters
  • Prof. Bruce Flachsbart -- Soybean Harvester

Juarez, Francisco    

  • Professor Kyle Smith --  Desalination Reactor
  • Project 20 -- Solar Desalination
  • Carle Health Make A Thon -- Wheelchair Brakes

Lan, Haoyong  

  • Collins Aerospace -- Air-oil separator
  • Wahl Clipper Corporation -- Clipper Heating
  • Caterpillar, Inc. -- Duct Mode Control

Mischo, William

  • Collins Aerospace -- Thermal Tool

Mota, Joel

  • Stevens Industries --  Lamination Application
  • Matt Stewart, Department of Vet Med, University of Illinois -- Suture Tester

Wiley, Christie,

  • Collins Aerospace -- Vane Tool

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