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Researching Local Issues: Home

Resources relevant to issues in Urbana-Champaign and the state of Illinois.

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Researching Local Issues

What are local issues?

Local issues are problems or controversies that directly involve the Champaign- Urbana community, its surrounding areas, or the state of Illinois. These issues can take the form of policy changes, budget or fiscal cuts, health concerns, change within community organizations, and other news items. These problems usually affect the the citizens of the city, county, or state where they take place.

How should I start my research? 

Starting your research depends largely on your topic and the types of sources that you need. It might be best to determine what area you would like to focus on first. Information pertaining the University of Illinois is different than information that involves the entire state of Illinois.

  • Start by limiting your research down to a specific area.
  • Once you have a clear topic in mind, think about the type of information you need.
    • If you need statistical information, you might try searching reports.
    • If you need background information on a controversial issue, you might start by looking in newspapers. 

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