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Guide to Literatures and Languages Databases: World Shakespeare Bibliography

Browsing World Shakespeare Bibliography

By clicking on the Browse button on the top menu, you can browse through the Bibliography in several divided collections:

  • General Shakespeariana: Festschriften, Bibliographies, Biographies, Editions And Texts, Reference Works, Textual Studies, Language, Linguistics, Philology; Shakespeare and His Stage; Productions, Stage History; or General Studies
  • Play Groups and Poems: Apocrypha, Comedies, Histories, Romances, Tragedies, Poems
  • Individual Works — Plays

The results can then be sorted by Author, Title, or Year.

World Shakespeare Bibliography

shakespeare bibliography

Searching World Shakespeare Bibliography

There are two options for searching the Bibliography: Quick Search and Advanced Search.  To use the Quick Search, click on the "Search and Browse" link in the top menu, and you will see a screen like this:

In the "Search Keywords" white search bar, type in your keywords, click the "Search" button and you should receive results. For example, if we type in "King Lear," we receive these results:



When you click on one of the listed results, you then will see a detailed record about the work:

To find this work, go to the Library catalog to find the book or journal (listed in the "Title" and "Venue/Publisher" sections of the record) where the article is cited.



Advanced Search allows you to search for works using multiple terms and limits. To use Advanced Search, click on the "Advanced Search" link in the top menu and you should see a screen like this:

You can search for items using Keywords, Words in Title, Author name(s), Other People, Book Series, Publisher/Journal Title, Year of Publication, Record Number, Document Type, Language, Tags, and Update.  And in Advanced Search, you can sort your results by Taxonomy as well as by Author, Title, or Year.