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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Online Information Literacy Materials

This guide showcases freely available campus owned and creative commons licensed information literacy materials for any campus users who is interested in using the materials to supplement their instruction needs.


The Information Literacy Course Modules are Credo’s answer to the growing need for libraries to conduct formalized, standards-driven Information Literacy instruction both in-person and online. Created by librarians and educators, instructional modules include videos, tutorials, online activities, course notes, guides and promotion materials. - Credo

ILCM Details

ILCM Sections

1. Information Literacy Pre-Assessment 10. Beyond Books
2. Information Literacy: Why Is It Important? 11. Beyond Print
3. Research Process and Choosing a Topic 12. Beyond Your Paper
4. Reference and Searching Techniques 13. Statistical Literacy
5. Choosing a Database 14. Presenting Information
6. Writing a Paper 15. Social Issues in the Digital World
7. Citing Resources 16. Study Skills
8. Plagiarism 17. Putting Your Information Literacy Skills To Use
9. Evaluating Information 18. Information Literacy – Post Assessment

Material Types

  • Video: One click multimedia material with audio.
  • Tutorial: Interactive material often including an activity.
  • Section Module: Student module that includes all multimedia for the section.
  • Quiz: A set of questions to test or check student retention of material.

Discussion Notes

Discussion Notes outline the learning objectives, related ACRL standards, multimedia, discussion topics, activities, and possible websites or readings for each section. Discussion Notes should be used when planning instruction sessions.


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