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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ESL Graduate Student Guide

A guide to the University Library for English as a Second Language graduate students.

Finding Statistics

There are a wide variety of resources available for finding statistics, both subscription-based and free online through various organizations. The following are a few popular databases.

Finding Data

Data Repositories from the government and other publicly accessible data.

Below are two Library Guides about Numeric and Geographic data published by the Scholarly Commons. If you do not find the data sets you require for your research, contact the Scholarly Commons for additional help. 

Services & Help

Scholarly Commons

The Scholarly Commons provides faculty, researchers and students access to experts in digital content creation and analysis; scholarly communication; geospatial, textual, and numeric data analysis; and innovative teaching and learning methods.

Data Services at the Scholarly Commons are a joint effort with help from ATLAS (technical services from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences).  The services include: 

  • acquiring data sets needed for teaching and research;
  • locating, downloading and preparing data for secondary analysis;
  • and identifying and creating course materials and teaching tools (including customized data sets drawn from various data repositories).

Contact the Scholarly Commons to set up an appointment or attend consultation hours.  


ATLAS also provides similar data services outside of the library, but these services are only available to LAS students.