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Chai Wai Series- Gender-based Violence in the Global South: South Asia and Beyond: Home

This guide, built in collaboration with Julie Laut's History 365 class, is a detailed annotated bibliography and a companion to a library outreach event on the topic of gender-based violence in South Asia.

Chai Wai Series

Chai Wai is Hindi for "tea or something like that" and is the name of our brand new event series at the International and Area Studies Library at UIUC. Chai Wai events give the campus community an opportunity for enlightened conversation on important global issues. The conversation will be informed and guided by a moderator and 3-4 experts or stakeholders in the issue at hand.

This time the topic is “Gender-based Violence in the Global South: South Asia and Beyond” and will feature interdisciplinary scholars from history, comparative literature, law, and education. The session has been planned in collaboration with Julie Laut, who will also be moderating the session, and her History 365 course “Gendering War, Migration, and Memory: Fact and Fiction in Modern South Asia”. Her students have developed sub-themes within the topic and accompanying questions. The students will be bringing these questions and ideas to the session and are hoping to have a diverse, engaged audience join them!

Accompanying our lively conversation will be tasty (and free!) chai and Indian sweets.

Event Organizers

Mara Thacker, South Asian Studies Librarian

Julie Laut, PhD Candidate in the Department of History

Rachel Suntop, Graduate Assistant

Katrina Spencer, Practicum Participant

Lisa Renee Kemplin, Office Manager

International and Area Studies Teaching and Engagement Committee

Advertising Flyer

Flyer design credit goes to Katrina Spencer.

Our Speakers

Julie Laut-- Doctoral student in the Department of History

Rini Mehta-- Assistant Professor in the Program in Comparative and World Literature

Anne Namatsi Lutomia-- Doctoral student in the College of Education

Margareth Etienne-- Professor and Nancy Snowden Research Scholar in Law at the School in the School of Law