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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Content Access Management (CAM): Serials Cataloging

Serials Workflow

The following is the copy cataloging workflow for the Serials Cataloging Team in CAM.

  1. Search Voyager for a matching record
  2. Verify Voyager Record
  3. Edit the record in Voyager as necessary, including:
    • Verify record is unsuppressed.
    • Verify record is OK to export.
    • Delete ‡u nouc if present in the 049 field.
    • Check additional fields for accuracy and completeness according to the CONSER standard.
    • Save to database
  4. Validate Authorities
    • Verify that headings in the authority validation window are authorized and click "Continue."
    • If subjects are "Non-Authorized," check them against the authority file in Connexion.
    • If name headings are "Nonexistent," follow instructions for NACO work.
    • If you do not have NACO authorization:
      • Establish the heading(s) according to RDA
      • Process book as normal
      • Print bib record and attach copies of title page, cover page, barcode and related information, and place them on the NACO shelf located in CAM.
  5. Assign a call number
    • Determine if the serial should be classed in Dewey or LC based on its collection/location
    • Assign call number according to instructions for Dewey or LC
      • If the record includes 780/785 fields, identify titles held and assign call number accordingly
    • Check the call number for uniqueness in Voyager
  6. Get holdings or create a new holdings if needed
    • Open Leader and change Type of record to y: Serial item holding
    • Verify record is not suppressed
    • In field 852:
      • Modify 1st indicator to match classification scheme (F2 for list)
      • Change location in ‡b (Ctrl-l for list)
      • Add any prefixes, the call number, Cutter, and copy number to ‡k, ‡h, ‡i, and ‡t
      • Add relevant notes to ‡x and ‡z
    • Establish caption and pattern in field 853
    • Create an 866 summary statement if a standing order
    • Add 863 fields for each item if an annual
      • Do not create line items for periodicals; lines are created after binding
  7. Create item record(s)
    • Scan and add barcode to piece
    • Change Item type to:
      • Serials 2 for periodicals for Stacks
      • Serials 3 for annuals and periodicals for departmental libraries
    • Add 1st marking pattern (v., no., yr., etc.) to the Enum. field based on MFHD fields 852 ‡x and 853 ‡a
    • Add 2nd marking pattern/other information from MFHD field 853 to the Chron. field
      • If year, add in ( )