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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Content Access Management (CAM): Monographs Workflow

Workflow for copy cataloging of monographs

Monographs: Copy Cataloging Workflow

The following workflow should be followed for copy cataloging of monographs. Click the links for more detailed instructions, or navigate using the tabs above.

  1. Search Voyager for a matching record.
  2. Verify Voyager Record
  3. Edit the record in Voyager as necessary, including:
    • Verify record is unsuppressed.
    • Verify record is OK to export.
    • Delete ‡u nouc if present in the 049 field.
    • Check additional fields for accuracy and completeness, according to the appropriate cataloging rules
    • Save to database
  4. Validate authorities
    • Verify that headings in the authority validation window are authorized and click "Continue."
    • If subjects are "Non-Authorized," check them against the authority file in Connexion.
    • If name headings are "Nonexistent," follow instructions for NACO work.
      • If you do not have NACO authorization:
        1. Establish the heading(s) according to RDA
        2. Process book as normal
        3. Print bib record and attach copies of title page, cover page, barcode and related information, and place them on the NACO shelf located in CAM.
  5. Assign a call number and create a holdings record (MFHD)
    • Determine whether the call number should be constructed using Dewey Decimal or LC Classification.
    • Whether using a call number from the bibliographic record or creating one, verify its accuracy and check Voyager for uniqueness. Perform shelflisting to file call numbers in the correct order.
    • Get holdings or create a new holdings if needed, and:
      • Add the 1st indicator in field 852, making sure it corresponds to the classification scheme used (F2 for list)
      • Change the text in 852 ‡b to appropriate location (Ctrl+l for list)
      • Add call number to ‡h and ‡i and add the copy number to ‡t
      • Add 853 and 863 fields if needed for a multi-volume set or accompanying material
  6. Create label & mark piece
    • Create a label for each piece in hand
    • Write the call number in the upper left corner of the page after the title page
    • If for a location other than Stacks, write the name of the library in the upper right corner of the same page.
  7. Create an item record
    • Scan the barcode on the book or add one if necessary
    • Verify that Perm. Loc., Item Type, and Copy are correct
    • Verify that the piece is "In Process."
    • After saving, check the hierarchy and delete any erroneous holdings and/or item records if needed.
  8. Print and apply labels. Place materials on appropriate outgoing shelves at the front of Room 1.