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Item Types

The following are the most commonly used item types in Voyager item records. If you generally catalog one type of material, you can set the appropriate item type default on the "Item Defaults" tab in your Voyager preferences.

For a complete listing, see Voyager Item Types.

OCLC Code Voyager Item Type Code Voyager Item Type Name Use for
bk1 Book1 BOOK 16/4 WKS monographs, m-sets, kits
bkn BookN BOOK nocirc noncirculating monographs
bk2 Book2 BOOK2 use only for Uni.High & EDK
bk4 Book4 BOOK4 purchase on demand titles
ser1 Serial1 SERIAL 2W/NOCIRC serials
av1 AV1 AUD/VIS 16/4 WKS filmstrips, 16mm, other AV
rec1 Recording1 RECORD 16/4 WKS sound recordings
vid1 Video1 VIDEO 16/4 WKS videocassettes, DVD
mic1 Micro1 MFORM 16/4 WKS microfiche, microfilm
sof1 Software1 S/W 16/4 WKS CD-ROM, floppy disk
ele1 Electronic1 ELECTRONIC1 Internet-based resources