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Call number suffixes

Individual item - suffix

Add the suffix in the Call number column from the suffix terminology table to the end of the call number in the 852 field when:

  1. the item is not considered accompanying material, and
  2. it falls into one of the categories in the table below

852 1_ ‡b hix ‡k MFICHE ‡h 328.41 ‡i G798h apx ‡t 1 (apx circled in red)

Individual item - prefix

Use a prefix in field 852 ‡k instead of a suffix when:

  1. the item is not considered accompanying material, and
  2. the format type is included in the table of prefix codes

852 1_ ‡b hix ‡k MFICHE ‡h 328.41 ‡i G798h apx ‡1 (MFICHE circled in red)

852 1_ ‡b stos ‡k CDROM ‡h 538.709775 ‡i P957 ‡t 1 (CDROM circled in red)    

Accompanying material

If you have a monograph with accompanying materials, each item will be represented by one of the terms in the Accompanying material (863) & Item Enum column of the suffix terminology table. The same term should also be used in the Enum. field in the corresponding item record.

E.g., a book with an accompanying CD-ROM in ACES has the MFHD:

NOTE: for accompanying material MFHDs, remember to change the record type to v: Mutli-part item holdings in the Leader.

For additional instructions on constructing MFHDs for accompanying material, see Accompanying Material MFHDs


When creating labels for pieces:

  1. The piece designated "text" should have a standard label, i.e., no extra line indicating "text"
  2. The accompanying material should have an added line indicating material type

Suffix terminology

Call number Accompanying material (863) & Item Enum Spine label Definition / Usage
abr. abridgment abr.  
abst. abstract abst.  
adden. addendum adden.  
amend. amendment amend.  
apx. appendix apx.  
atlas atlas atlas   
use prefix BLURAY bluray a digital optical disc data storage format
use prefix BLURAY3D bluray3D a Blu-ray 3D version
use prefix cassette cass. an audiocassette
use prefix compact disc cdisc an audio disc
use prefix CDROM cdrom a disc with computer data
chap. chapter chap.  
use prefix chart    
    cop. used for a copy number other than the first copy
corrig. corrigendum corrig. corrigendum, i.e. errata
digest digest digest a summary or synopsis
use prefix phonodisc disc  
use prefix DVD dvd ALL versions of digital video discs
facsim. facsimile facsim. an exact physical replication; not a photocopy
use prefix floppy disk fdsk  
use prefix flash card  
  [flash drive]--see USB flash drive    
forms forms forms  
use prefix film strip fs.  
guide guide guide   
incompl. incomplete incompl. used for a volume that is incomplete
index index index   
introd. introduction introd.  
key key key answer key or teacher's key
  listener's guide lg.  
manual manual manual   
maps maps maps   
use prefix microfiche mfiche  
  model model three dimensional representation of a real thing
no. number no.  
  notes notes accompanying liner notes
n.s. new series n.s.  
  program guide pg.  
use prefix picture picture two dimensional visual representation
plates plates plates leaves or pages containing illustrative matter
pref. preface pref.  
prelim. preliminaries prelim.  
pt. part pt.  
use prefix [motion picture]    
  film reel reel a motion picture film reel
  film reels reels motion picture film reels
use prefix piano roll    
score score score a musical score
  script script a film or television script
sec. section sec. an item that appears in multiple physical parts called "sections"
ser. series ser.  
  sheet sheet a musical or other illustrative sheet (i.e. cartographic, etc.)
  sheets   a looseleaf publication of illustrative matter
use prefix slide slide a single photographic slide
  slides slides multiple photographic slides
  sound recording   used only by the Music Library
  student edition se.  
  student guide sg.  
sup. supplement sup.  
tables tables tables statistical matter issued in table form
  teacher's edition te.  
  teacher's guide tg.  
  tests tests test booklets and/or forms
  text text a print item that accompanies a non-print item
  text [omitted] a print item accompanied by a non-print item
use prefix USB flash drive usb a USB flash drive
title legal title title a piece of a legal code
use prefix transparency transpar.  
use prefix videorecording vidrec. a videotape or videodisc
  v. [in 853 field] v. volume; used for Band, Abteilung, Heft(e), tome, etc.
  workbook wkbk.